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Las Vegas Mobility Scooter FAQ's
Question: Is there an extra charge for delivery?
Answer: No there is not.
Question: You will deliver the scooter to any convention in las vegas?
Answer: Yes we'll deliver to any location in the valley.
Question: Where should I pick up my scooter?
Answer: You should pick up your scooter at the hotel's bell desk.
Question: Where should I return my scooter?
Answer: You should return your scooter where you originaly picked it up.
Question: I have never used a scooter before can the delivery driver be there when I arrive?
Answer: Yes of course, we are the only Company in Vegas that gives Personalized Service. That means that a person with five years of experience will talk directly to you, and explain everything that you will need to know about the scooter (troubleshooting etc...).
Question: What to do encase your scooter does not work?
Answer: You should contact us with any doubts or question about the scooter, all are scooter have labels on them with are telephone number so it is very easy to get a hold of us anytime to get a replacement if needed, but as a brand new company so all of our scooters Are brand new so you should not have any problems , other companies haven't replace their equipment for years you will be paying more or the same amount for a 5 + year old scooters ( unreliable).
Question: Is there a cancellation fee?
Answer: No not if you cancel 24hrs before the delivery.
Question: How long does the battery last?
Answer: There are some factors to consider first:
  • A. Type of Scooter
  • B. Weight of the customer
  • C. Why it's driven
Question: I need a portable scooter but I only can lift 30 lb do you have one?
Answer: Yes, of course, just call us at 702-610-4905 or reserve it on line its called go-go elite traveler
Question: Are all of yours scooters portable?
Answer: Yes they are even the heavy- duty full sized up to 350lb ( celebrity x).
Question: Which scooter would you recommend me?
Answer: there are 3 things to consider:
  • A: If you are under 200lb or a little bit more I recommend the 2007 go- go elite traveler ,because this scooter is the # 1 scooter on the market in extra light weight portable class and is easy to maneuver specially inside casinos and conventions where is a lot of people and very crowed and you wont need a lot of room to make it thru.
  • B: If you are between 200lb and 260 I 'll recommend the 2007 Revo because is the best standard 3 wheel scooter in the market ,and it is portable. Good for in and out door used.
  • C: If you are between 260 and 350 lb I ,ll recommend the 2007 celebrity x this is the best full sized luxury scooter on the market it ,comes with a 19 by 16 inches deluxe foldable molded seat with sliders to increased comfort wraparound handles & future rich luxury product ,plus the max speed of this scooter is 6.0 miles per hour perfect for out door used .in the go-go elite traveler model the speed is 4.25 m/h and in the revo is 4.5m/h
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