Las Vegas Mobility Scooter Rentals

Las Vegas Mobility Scooter Rentals
Go-Go Elite Traveller

Description: This scooter is extra light weight portable, recommended for people less or a little bit more than 200 lb, this scooter is the best in this category with a max speed of 4.25 m/h, and battery range between 10 to 15 miles.

Advantages: easy to maneuver in tiny spaces and really light to transport, the heaviest part weight only 28 lb.


Description: This scooter is standard 3 wheel scooter but at the same time is portable recommendable for people between 200 and 260 pounds, but can hold a person of 300 lb but we don't recommended because it comes with a standard seat 16 inches see the next scooter if you are between 260-350 lb the 2007 celebrity x. the speed in the revo is 4.5 m/h and battery range between 10-15 miles

Advantages: Good performance in and out door use

Celebrity X

Description: This scooter is the best in the heavy duty full sized luxury class.

Advantages: Maximum peed of 6.0 miles per hour perfect for in and out door use, 19 inches wide molded luxury seat % 100 better than any scooter on the market .and don't forget that all of ours scooters are top of the line scooters, and all are portable.

Las Vegas Mobility Wheelchair Rentals
Light Weight Wheelchairs

Description: The Light Weight wheelchair is the perfect lightweight rental product for those who want quality and durability. This low-maintenance wheelchair also has a full complement of options and accessories. Its contemporary design and high-performance frame make it a definitively superior value.

Advantages: easy to maneuver in tiny spaces and really light to transport, only weighs 33 lbs.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Description: The Heavy Duty wheelchair is designed for individuals who demand an extra wide, heavy-duty or tall chair with seat-to-floor heights ranging from hemi through tall. The high-performance provides a 400-lb. weight capacity.

Advantages: Durable, low-maintenance, carbon steel frame is long-lasting

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